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Bateman Skincare Ethos

A cult appeal to ethics, Bateman Skincare takes the best of skincare products for women and men to appeal your inner American psycho skincare regiment.

Rituals, the very essence of our balance. From sleeping only on one side of the bed to a more structured daily succession of events, we depend on these for happiness and we strive to upkeep them as rigorously possible with of course well deserved, so called cheat days.

We wake up day after day wanting to make a mark, looking outwardly at the many issues that plague or society and we ponder how can we contribute when it comes to solving problems of inequality, racism and violence how can we proactively do so if we are not internally whole?

Regiments, contributing to the world by making ourselves better. It is important to start our day stripping ourselves of yesterdays stress and what better way to initiate the day by enforcing an invigorating skin care regiment.

Bateman Skincare unisex products cannot solve the world’s problems but they will help you with your inner self and create a safe place for you to tackle the day appropriately without needing affirmation from anyone but yourself because you are your own best asset.