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Lookbook - 2017

Bateman Skincare is not just another beauty brand. It urges everyone to acknowledge that society is flawed, that it is still very entrenched with race, gender and class issues yet through self care one can have a starting point to contribute towards affecting change. Bateman Skincare is not afraid to use its voice and platforms in order to be better allies and slowly start necessary conversations in the beauty space.

The brand's ethos lays its foundation in subverting standards and dismantling parts of society that are archaic such as the set of values presented by cult character Patrick Bateman. By gently addressing the issues that have plagued our society for ages, we have created a new voice for our character: one that stands for equality and justice.

We chose the American Psycho setting as it presented us with a great aesthetic which we believe goes beyond gender, class and even beauty and allows us to create a unique visual and lifestyle approach taking inspiration from all walks of life. One of the most memorable parts of the book and movie revolves around skincare and the importance of having a routine, this adherence to structure is a cornerstone of our brand.

Photographer Jason Shaltz