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Cleansing is the most common form of taking care of your skin and usually the first step people take into finding a regimen that works for them. Cleansing your face helps to remove build of dirt, sweat, pollution, oils etc. from your skin which when removed creates a refreshed look. Looking deeper past visual results, cleansing helps to clean out pores which is the major area where bacteria grows. Bacteria leads to breakouts, redness and blackheads among other problems which have adverse affects on your skin which can result in scarring, dullness and overall negative skin health.


Exfoliating is the removal of dead skin cells from the skin. Dead and or dying skin cells make up the very first layer of skin found on your body. Removing them is an essential part to keeping revitalized and healthy skin as well as helping with new skin being generated and coming to the top layer.

Chemical and mechanical are the 2 different types of exfoliation. Chemical uses acids, retinol or enzymes to help melt away the top layer of dead skin cells while mechanical uses a physical tool (brush, washcloth) or a substrate (seed, oatmeal, shell powder) to help remove cells. In our regimen we chose to use chemical as it usually is best for the skin and we chose lactic acid for its versatility in all skin types as well as it abilities to help moisturize the skin while exfoliating.


Toners are often overlooked when it comes to basic skin care needs. Whether you tone after your twice a day cleanse or after you exfoliate it is important to keep this step in your regimen. Toning helps to soothe the skin after cleansing and exfoliating and also provides moisture back into your skin, but the most important job of a toner is to restore your skin’s pH  balance. Your skin's natural pH balance is 5.5, depending on where you live water can have a pH up to 9.5 which in turn throws your skin's natural balance off, throwing your face into a whirlwind of trying  to get back to 5.5 which can take over an hour and actually causes stress to your skin’s cells. Having a balanced pH is extremely important in overall skin health, when your pH is off it can lead to redness, outbreaks, wrinkles and many more problems.

Our toner also has added astringent properties which will help to reduce pore size. Smaller pores equal less oil production, less chance of bacteria growth and overall better appearance of the skin.


Moisturizing is the second most popular and used step of skin care regimens. This step can also be one of the trickiest as your skin type, geographical area, season of the year, age and other factors will play a role in what type of moisturizer is best. Please take a glance at our skin types page to get a better idea on some of the factors.

When you are done cleansing your face is stripped of its natural oils, so replenishing moisture is key in keeping your skin’s appearance sharp and young. After the oils are stripped your skin will react by telling itself it needs to produce more oil, but if you moisturize your skin will notice and will not need to produce much oil and will slow production. Moisturizing is also the best first step in fighting against fine lines and aging, making it a key in every regimen. Applications in the morning and night after cleansing will yield the best results.